Theatre Degart

Theatre DeGart

The Degart Theatre is a cultural enterprise which was formed by the need to create new audiences and initiate them into theatrical training and cultural growth through its cultural operations active throughout the country.  Its aim is to restore a sense of cultural and social life to the theatre. It deals with the education of young and adult audiences, carrying out workshops in person, organising meetings and insights, courses and internships for professionals and lovers of the world of performing arts.

Theatre Degart came about by an interesting challenge:  to begin a marvellous journey to give vitality to the collective conscience, to bring back the desire for artistic and creative culture as a top priority for the well-being of the soul, and to encourage participation which serves as a critical tool in daily life. 

Its foundation was possible thanks to the work and professionalism of its creators but also thanks to funding given by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy through INVITALIA, under the supervision of the “Agenzie Nazionale Politiche Attive del Lavoro”, (ANPAL).

In July 2022 the Degart Theatre obtained ministerial recognition from the “Ministero della Cultura”, relating to FUS (Fondo Unico per lo Spettacolo) for the period 2022-2024.

Thanks to this recognition the Degart Theatre established the FINC Festival, the first festival dedicated entirely to silent comedy and which, from December 2022, takes place every year in Taormina.





The idea comes from the work and creativity of Daniele Segalin and Graziana Parisi, both connoisseurs and scholars of comedy art, and who have always worked in the field of entertainment.

With the FINC Festival we want to present to the public an experience totally immersed in the beauty of barrier-free mute and international laughter, the FINC Festival will entertain the country every year with international performances, laboratories and activities of contemporary circus and comedy theatre.


Its mission is to produce and develop training opportunities through  promotion and the organisation of creative workshops for all ages; webinar on-line, to reach beyond territorial limits; refresher and improvement courses for professionals and non-professionals.  In addition, its intention is to offer support to public and private organisations to produce cultural events, in the planning of exhibitions and comedy art festivals, and children and clown’s theatres. It also offers creative support for cultural projects and bands for the promotion of cultural tourism.


The Creative Theater Workshops offer an extraordinary opportunity to explore and develop one’s creative and artistic abilities for children and adults. Under the guidance of two experienced masters in the art of clowning, Daniele Segalin and Graziana Parisi (known as Dandy Danno & Diva G), participants not only learn to act, but also discover a unique approach to theater that emphasizes authenticity and spontaneity. The workshops, suitable for all ages, provide an engaging and enjoyable experience that stimulates creativity and builds self-confidence.


With limited spots available, don’t miss the opportunity to join us and discover the magical world of creative theater with Theatre Degart.


The Degart Theatre is beginning a new challenge:  to infiltrate the world of the web with video lessons dedicated to the world of the comedy theatre and, in particular, clown art.

What is Webinar about?

It is a combination of experience and technique, it is a complete course from the history and origins of the clown to the development and creation of the comical figure.

We will discover together old techniques still valid today.  We will see together how the art of making people laugh has evolved through the centuries up until modern times, from the mimes of Latin comedies to court jesters, from the comedy art of the nineteenth century up until today with the figure of the Nouveau Clown.

Then we will tackle character study and reply to many interesting questions in order to plan an exact idea on how to create an original character.

We will dedicate some time to experimentation and explain how to go beyond your comfort zone. We will spend more time on the argument that matters most to us and which is the basis of our training, the study and the importance of body language.

With practical examples and exercises that you can follow at home in complete tranquility, we will pave the way for a sound and correct method in which you can prepare to work on the character you want to be.

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Dandy Danno & Diva G

Last but not least important, Theatre Degart produces and gives performances by the comical duo Dandy Danno and Diva G. who have made it their operational base where both productions and projects take shape and in which they are both directly involved.

The duo, from whose ideas and concepts this enterprise has been founded, are experts and passionate scholars in clown art and all its forms. Strongly committed to spreading the philosophy of the art of failure, applying this mentality, not only in the artistic field but, also as a concept of life.